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Using our own workshop , buying in specialist services as needed, including principle-testing models and testing 

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Production documentation & supplier liaison

Setting up supply of all parts including full specifications, test  and checking documentation

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What We Do

Product & machine Design

From Concepts through to finished 3d Modelling

Jackson Design Ltd was established in 1999, first trading as Newdesign.Net. We have extensive experience of Engineering design in a variety of fields. We are essentially a flexible, well-equipped one-man business, but with a strong network of experienced associates. The business is energetically led by Simon Jackson whose engineering experience started on the shop floor of a large London toolroom, through drawing offices, as designer, Chief Designer and Technical Director of a Smith & Nephew company.

Satisfying your objectives, achieving excellence, moving on from what others do, creating something exciting, appealing and commercially attractive are our goals. 

Although we pride ourselves on experience and up-to-date knowledge of many manufacturing processes and design trends, each job is assessed with innovation, overall cost, tooling cost, unit cost, aesthetics and low design time in mind. 

We are able to try out basic principles quickly and easily in our well-equipped workshop and can also build prototypes using in house or bought-in parts whichever is the cheapest. 

Design work is undertaken using Solidworks (state-of-the-art 3D technology) giving very clear graphical images and easily shared 3D Models for appreciation of the design on any PC or Tablet before anything is made or committed to. We also have CNC machining facilities so can use CAM for rapid machining and concept shape models of aesthetic items. 

We are able to host meetings of up to 5 or so, in modern purpose-built office surroundings with parking and have secure dry space to build large prototypes, carry out testing etc.